River Cult has arrived!

Heads up folks. The Brooklyn based band River Cult is making some serious noise on their debut full length album Halcyon Daze. The 3 piece, which features Sean Forlenza (Guitar/Vocals), Anthony Mendolia (Bass) and Tav Palumbo (Drums), should definitely be on your radar.  River Cult have a 70’s vibe thing going but also bring plenty of heavy. They are great at highlighting grooves while also filling the soundscape with a psychedelic flavoring.


Halcyon Daze starts off strong with the up tempo track Likelihood Of Confusion that starts with a jazzy riff almost in the vibe of Brant Bjork or Walking Papers. The song then slams into Sabbath like riff that allows Forlenza to paint over the top with some killer guitar work.


My favorite track off the album has to be The Sophist. I love the heavy doom vibe and the band utilizes space very well. The lyrical theme is also very reliable to many folks that I know.  The Sophist is a trip that is just under 12 minutes long but is well worth taking. River Cult use tempo changes and killer tones to really help shape their songs. River Cult use dynamics very very well.


I’m absolutely pumped this album was sent my way. River Cult should be extremely proud of this record!! Halcyon Daze will make a big splash in the rock, doom and psych community! I highly highly suggest you check them out! Halcyon Daze will be available world wide on FEB. 9th 2018!


Vinyl:  Nasoni Records
CD/Cassette:  Blackseed Records
Digital:  Magnetic Eye Records



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