Album Reviews

Worm Hounds album Reviews.

Brant Bjork (Mankind Woman) 

Mountain Tamer (Good Fortune, Dark Matters)

Fu Manchu (Clone Of The Universe)  

All Souls (Debut) 

Wedge (Killing Tongue) 

River Cult (Halcyon Daze)

Nebula (The Re-Issues)

Corrosion Of Conformity (No Cross, No Crown) 

Year Of The Cobra (Burn Your Dead) 

Supernaut (Debut) 

Queens Of The Stone Age (Villains) 

Mothership (High Strangeness) 

Cloud Cather (Trails Of Kozmic Dust) 

Doors To No Where (The Haunting) 

Mondo Generator (Best Of) 

Fatso Jetson (Idle Hands) 

Helmet (Dead To The World)

Year Of The Cobra (In The Shadows Below) 

Red Fang (Only Ghosts) 

Drain (Over Thinking)

Mother Crone (Awakening) 

Greenleaf (Rise Above The Meadow) 

Disastroid (Love Is What You Bring Home)

Iron Maiden (Book Of Souls) 

Forgotten Gods (Twin Sisters) 

You Know Who (Debut)

The Sword (High Country) 

BL’AST! (For Those You’ve Graced The Fire)