Ruben Romano

I have zero doubts that Ruben Romano is stoner and psych rock royalty.  Romano is best known for is skills behind the drum kit. Look no further then is work on the first three Fu Manchu records and then with the mighty Nebula. He is a founding member of both bands and his unique style played a tremendous role in their success.  Currently Ruben is fronting the fuzzed out psychedelic rock’n’roll band The Freeks. Romano stepped out from the kit and is playing guitar and singing with The Freeks but you can still detect his signature sound. Since 2007 The Freeks have been doing their thing and they do it very well!! I highly recommend you check them out. Their last album “Shattered” is killer and come spring 2018 they will be dropping a new one on us! The Freeks got an aggressive approach to dropping a laid back good ole fashion ass kicking  groove.  Ruben was kind enough to take part in our random question segment.

WH – What is your go to guilty pleasure band/artist?

Romana – I got quite a few really, and in the end I don’t feel so guilty any more, John Denver, K.C. & the Sunshine Band can qualify under this. I used to say, Rod Stewart 78 era but given his time prior with Ronnie Lane and Small Faces still keeps him cool in my book no matter how much pink satin there was.

WH – If you could make an album with one band/artist dead or alive who is it and why?

Romana – Hard one, but I would have to choose one of these two bands, either The Incredible Bongo Band or Dennis Coffey & the Detroit Guitar band. Why? both those bands influence me as a kid due to the heavy percussions going off. I’m first a drummer and those were some awesome drum records due to all the hand drums involved


WH – Favorite genre of music besides your own?

Romana – An other one hard to pin point to just one, Um, we can revert back to my answer in question # 2, There is a certain era of fuzz wha funk instrumental bands that I enjoy, I welcome all genres really, My Mom was a disco queen so there might be some of that in there to, hence the guilty pleasure of K.C & Sunshine band, (again due to some funky percussions there), although her all time favorite tune was Hang On Sloopy by the McCoys so bubble gum pop of the 60’s hits me good, like the Archies. I guess I can say that “Music” is my favorite genre, how bout that?

WH – Favorite tour food/snack?

Romana –  Maybe not my favorite snack but what I used to survive on tour with was a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter, That alone could last me a week, so I always had to make sure to grab plastic knives from the truck stop joints.

WH – Besides music name one hobby you enjoy?

Romana – Um, maybe stitching, not necessarily quilting but I can make a pair of jeans last a good long time with a needle and thread. Not really a hobby but more a survival tactic.


WH – What was the last gift you gave someone?

Romana – One pocket coffee, it’s a small chocolate with liquid espresso inside it.

WH – If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be?

Romana –  “Do ya think I’m sexy” by Rod Stewart or “Fire Poem” by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

WH – What song best describes you?

Romana –  Easy Like Sunday Morning or Comfortably Numb

WH – What nickname would you give yourself?

Pacing Tiger, because there is always something else to get done, but as a kid it was always something like Roobie doobie-do, and yes i did, so I had to learn how to roll a good doobie for my brothers! Right?


WH – If you could steal one song from anyone which one would it be and why?

Romana –  Always giving my self the choice so either “Magic Potion” by The Open Mind or “Tractor” by Monster Magnet, because I love those songs

WH – What inspirational quote have you used for motivation?

Romana –  “Love is the Secret Password”. or just plain and simple, “I’ll do it myself”

WH – Give your bandmates nicknames?

Romana –

Jonathan Hall- The Bear

Bob Lee- Blind Owl

(but both those have already been taken by Canned Heat)

Esteban Chavez- Dr. Patient

Ray Piller- The Pile driver


WH – What is one band you would suggest people check out?

Romano – Live- Slow Season- there Drummer is awesome! and of course my band The Freeks!! haha! duh!

THANKS AGAIN RUBEN! Like I said earlier, this dude is rock n roll royalty. I’m really looking forward to checking out what The Freeks put out this spring! In the meantime you can check out The Freeks at: