Mondo Generator say F**K It with a triumph return.



So first off let’s just throw out some facts. Nick Oliveri is with out a doubt a genuine bad ass rock star. He is the real deal folks and the music he as given the worlds speaks for itself.. His style is unmistakable and his sound is legendary.  So if you’re asked to be part of his band you must be a total badass as well. The current line up Nick is utilizing for Mondo Generator may just be the best one yet. I mean that with all the respect in the world to all the past members and contributors of course. I mean Mondo as always used the best. However, the current power trio of Mondo Generator is clicking and locked into some special kind of chemistry. First off you got guitar wizard Mike Pygmie (John Garcia and the band of Gold, You Know Who, Wizards) doing is thing. You also have  Mike Amster ( Nebula) who is a total beast on the drums. The  musicianship on the upcoming Mondo  record “Fuck It’ is next level. Both Mike Pygmie (Guitar) and newcomer Mike Amster  crushed it.  Nick and crew have Mondo sounding better and bigger than ever. “Fuck It” is fire and only adds too Oliveri’s legend.


So let’s talk “Fuck IT.” It’s made of thirteen ass kicking songs that encompass the many styles of Nick Oliveri and his great career. If you’re a Kyuss fan there are songs for you. If you’re a QOTSA fan you will hear some of that Oliveri magic. If your a Mondo Generator fan you will not be disappointed either. This album as grooves, screams and in your face energy that hits hard and loud. Oliveri also straight sings on this record which I love. I think he is a very underrated singer and as a great voice. Of course I also really dig his scream.


“Fuck It” starts strong with the track “Nowhere Man” and a killer riff that reminds me of early Danzig. Oliveri’s bass line and vocals sound killer. The songs rhythm takes many twists and turns and I love it. Pygmie delivers the goods on the guitar solo. The second track Up Against The Void is a blast beat infused hardcore throwback that fits Oliveri signature scream oh so well. The song highlights some serious mental guitar riffs and insane drumming. The first two tracks of “Fuck It’ showcase the talents of Oliveri’ Pygmie and Amster while kicking you in the teeth.



Track three “Kyuss Dies’ hits you hard with a catchy groove and a melody that bounces around in your brain. The lyrics on this track are great and I love the riffs. Especially the bridge with its tweaked out haunting guitar work. Track four “Turboner” is a classic Mondo sounding song equipped with that famous Oliveri scream and attitude of just giving zero fucks. This song as  the bass and guitar doing some rad runs in it. Lets us also give credit to “Kyuss Dies” and “Turboner”  being killer song titles.


The song “As Good As It Gets Or Fuck It” is the shit.  Pygmie brings it with a hooky Guitar line that elevates the song. The breakdown is bonkers and so so rad. The vocals are great and the guitar work is swell. For me, this song is one of my favorites of “Fuck It.” The album then takes you back to the good ole days of punk with “When Death Comes.” Nick’s vocals sound great and the lyrics are hilarious. This song is a big load. LOL


Track seven “Listening To Th Daze” is a true mind melter. It reminds me of acid punk on fire. Killer guitar work and rhythms. Amster brings it on this one and holds down the fort while Oliveri and Pygmie blaze over the top. The songs breakdown highlights Oliveri vocals. The album then turns up the acid jazz punk with a hint of surf guitar on  “Silver Tequila New.” The boys get to show their chops on this one on some what of extended intro. After the intro melts you Nick delivers another strong vocal performance over a killer riff. Oliveri’s bass lines shred on this one.


Track nine Nick calls in his friend OLGA form Svetlanas to make a guest vocal appearance and she kills it. The tone of her voice and the tone of Nicks voice work so well together. They have the call and response thing going over the top of a burn every thing down to the ground vibe. Next the album brings another twisty riff on “There’s Nothing Wrong.” Pygmie drops another rad guitar solo and the band pushes things riff wise keeping you on your toes. Track eleven “Death Van Trip” is another favorite off the record for me. Love the riffs. Love the vocals and the tempo changes. Pygmie Armster and Oliveri are very good at their instruments individually with out a doubt but they also gel so perfectly together. “Death Van Trip” is a great example of this.


Up next we get “Its You I don’t Believe” and it’s a total ass kicker. I love the use of stops and hits. Amster really shines on this one. Next up is probably my favorite track on the entire record.  “Option Four” has a little Henry Rollins Black Flag vibe but in the style of Nick Oliveri. First off, the circus riff is insane and catchy as all fuck. But the narration style vocals and lyrics from Oliveri just make for such a unique and brilliant vibe. Nick is great story teller and doesn’t get enough credit for his lyrics. The songs middle part as a change of pace that kicks down the door down and beats you to a pulp. LOVE THIS SONG! Option four bitches!


So… my advice if you are a fan of any music project Nick Oliveri related you need this album. It rips! Mondo is back and on fire. It’s been eight long years since we got an album from Mondo and the wait was worth it. Led by the legendary and always dangerous Nick Oliveri Mondo will release “Fuck It” via HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS on February 21st. If you buy the disc version you even get a bonus track!! The album was recorded at Josh Homme’s Pink Duck studio and the tones and production are great. Like I said before, if you’re a fan of any of Oliveri’s projects you will find something to like about this record.  “Fuck It” puts Mondo back on top and I’m sure will end up being on a lot of best of the year lists come December.






Albums of 2019

Another year in the books. While I wanted to have a more detailed list out sooner I’ve been dealing with some health issues. But all is good and it is what it is. I hope everyone one has a wonderful 2020!! Let’s get to my list!!

1. John Garcia & The Band Of Gold – self titled

2. Year Of The Cobra Ash & Dust

3. Big Scenic Nowhere Dying On The Mountain

4. Nebula Holy Shit!

5. ToolFear Inoculum

6. Monolord – NoComfort

7. Planet Of Zeus – Faith In Physics

8. Russian Circles Blood Year

9. Yawning ManMacedonian Lines

10. Brume – Rabbits

Ruben Romano

I have zero doubts that Ruben Romano is stoner and psych rock royalty.  Romano is best known for is skills behind the drum kit. Look no further then is work on the first three Fu Manchu records and then with the mighty Nebula. He is a founding member of both bands and his unique style played a tremendous role in their success.  Currently Ruben is fronting the fuzzed out psychedelic rock’n’roll band The Freeks. Romano stepped out from the kit and is playing guitar and singing with The Freeks but you can still detect his signature sound. Since 2007 The Freeks have been doing their thing and they do it very well!! I highly recommend you check them out. Their last album “Shattered” is killer and come spring 2018 they will be dropping a new one on us! The Freeks got an aggressive approach to dropping a laid back good ole fashion ass kicking  groove.  Ruben was kind enough to take part in our random question segment.

WH – What is your go to guilty pleasure band/artist?

Romana – I got quite a few really, and in the end I don’t feel so guilty any more, John Denver, K.C. & the Sunshine Band can qualify under this. I used to say, Rod Stewart 78 era but given his time prior with Ronnie Lane and Small Faces still keeps him cool in my book no matter how much pink satin there was.

WH – If you could make an album with one band/artist dead or alive who is it and why?

Romana – Hard one, but I would have to choose one of these two bands, either The Incredible Bongo Band or Dennis Coffey & the Detroit Guitar band. Why? both those bands influence me as a kid due to the heavy percussions going off. I’m first a drummer and those were some awesome drum records due to all the hand drums involved


WH – Favorite genre of music besides your own?

Romana – An other one hard to pin point to just one, Um, we can revert back to my answer in question # 2, There is a certain era of fuzz wha funk instrumental bands that I enjoy, I welcome all genres really, My Mom was a disco queen so there might be some of that in there to, hence the guilty pleasure of K.C & Sunshine band, (again due to some funky percussions there), although her all time favorite tune was Hang On Sloopy by the McCoys so bubble gum pop of the 60’s hits me good, like the Archies. I guess I can say that “Music” is my favorite genre, how bout that?

WH – Favorite tour food/snack?

Romana –  Maybe not my favorite snack but what I used to survive on tour with was a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter, That alone could last me a week, so I always had to make sure to grab plastic knives from the truck stop joints.

WH – Besides music name one hobby you enjoy?

Romana – Um, maybe stitching, not necessarily quilting but I can make a pair of jeans last a good long time with a needle and thread. Not really a hobby but more a survival tactic.


WH – What was the last gift you gave someone?

Romana – One pocket coffee, it’s a small chocolate with liquid espresso inside it.

WH – If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be?

Romana –  “Do ya think I’m sexy” by Rod Stewart or “Fire Poem” by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

WH – What song best describes you?

Romana –  Easy Like Sunday Morning or Comfortably Numb

WH – What nickname would you give yourself?

Pacing Tiger, because there is always something else to get done, but as a kid it was always something like Roobie doobie-do, and yes i did, so I had to learn how to roll a good doobie for my brothers! Right?


WH – If you could steal one song from anyone which one would it be and why?

Romana –  Always giving my self the choice so either “Magic Potion” by The Open Mind or “Tractor” by Monster Magnet, because I love those songs

WH – What inspirational quote have you used for motivation?

Romana –  “Love is the Secret Password”. or just plain and simple, “I’ll do it myself”

WH – Give your bandmates nicknames?

Romana –

Jonathan Hall- The Bear

Bob Lee- Blind Owl

(but both those have already been taken by Canned Heat)

Esteban Chavez- Dr. Patient

Ray Piller- The Pile driver


WH – What is one band you would suggest people check out?

Romano – Live- Slow Season- there Drummer is awesome! and of course my band The Freeks!! haha! duh!

THANKS AGAIN RUBEN! Like I said earlier, this dude is rock n roll royalty. I’m really looking forward to checking out what The Freeks put out this spring! In the meantime you can check out The Freeks at:

Nebula’s Rise


Its really really hard to think that Nebula is already turning 20!! Holy shit where did the time go? I can remember it like it was yesterday when I first heard of this new band (Nebula) featuring Fu Manchu members Eddie Glass(Guitar) and Ruben Romano(Drums). I was living in Santa Cruz at the time and just dropped out of high school. I was down by pleasure point checking the waves. I was cruising on my skate with my disc man in hand rocking Fu Manchu’s “In Search Off.” I posted up on the rail with the boys like usual to shoot the shit. After asking what I was listening to a bro of mine informed of Glass and Romano leaving to start a new project. This really got my attention and I remember being really being excited for this. I’m a greedy music fan. The more the better!


So fast forward to the fall of 98. Nebula had dropped “Let It Burn” and I got copy in hand. At this point I could drive and I loaded the disc into my old hand me down station wagon and hit play. Now you should know, that car was a piece of shit but I put money into a decent car stereo and it could crank! So… “Let It Burn” starts!! Ruben is doing that pattern on the ride symbol and the bass lines kicks in and is groovy. The psyched out sounds swell in and build to the main riff and holy fuck!! I take off in my station wagon to a whole other fucking planet!! “Welcome To Elevation” is an understatement. “Let It Burn” became one of “those records” for me. It opened doors. It opened my mind and lifted me to another level. “Down The Highway” was my station wagon’s theme song. Surf trips up and down the west coast now had a soundtrack for me and my friends.


Lets fast forward now to end of summer 99. Nebula drops “To The Center” on us. Again the album starts with Romano doing his thing on the drums. Its got this jazzy feel and then he does this little skip pattern on the kick drum and the weed i’m smoking gets magically better. The bass and guitar lines take you to groove planet and then BOOM! “Taking off to the center of the universe!” That Glass riff hits and grooves hard. Eyes closed, summer sun out and life is good. “To The Center”, like “Let It Burn,” became an anthem album my crew.  Those albums for me, are best played start to finish. Nebula’s music was always a journey for me.


1999 also brought us Nebulas EP’s “Sun Creature” and the split with Lowrider that eventually became to the “Dos EPs” release in 2002. I could not get enough of this band at the time and still do this day crank those records. Nebula had elements of Fu but with out a doubt did their own thing and created their own sound. For me, high school would not be the same with out the music of Nebula!


So why am I bringing up Nebula now!! Well Heavy Psych Sounds is doing what Heavy Psych Sounds does and thats support and deliver great rock n roll. To help celebrate Nebulas 20th trip around the sun they are going to re-issue all of their first releases. I’m especially pumped for this because I fell like this band never got the credits they deserve.  Glass and Romana are stoner rock pioneers starting with Fu Manchu and then with Nebula. Along with Mark Abshire on bass Nebula was in a class of their own when it came to skill and delivery. Their albums no doubt had a huge impact on present and past stoner rock bands.  Nebula deserves their due and these record deserve some praise. If you know you know. IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOU BEST CATCH UP!




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