Doors To No Where’s The Haunting

Its no secret that I’m a huge fan of Doors To No Where. If you have followed my blogs over the years you have read how killer their live performances are and how their last album “Lucky You” was one of the best underground albums in the last five years. The Santa Cruz trio lead by lead guitarist and vocalist Marc Lewis have continued to make a name for themselves in the stoner rock world playing shows with acts like Big Business, Mondo Generator and Saviours. Along with Sean Sanford on bass and Pete Testorf on drums Doors To No Where have gained fans and respect everywhere they go. To me, what makes D2N so special is their unique sound and ability to stand out from the norm. In the stoner rock genre is far too easy to just drop tune and regurgitate Kyuss riffs. We also have a million bands now a days thinking they are either Clutch or Sleep. D2N while being influenced by these bands still find a way to sound just like…….themselves. I have a huge amount of respect for that. If it aint broke, don’t fix it. D2N’s style and sound is killer and puts them in a class all their own. Doors To No Where took another huge step forward with their latest effort. 

On October 28th Doors To No Where released a brand new nine track album titled “The Haunting independently” Following an album like their last “Lucky You” is not an easy task. “Lucky You” was very well received and stayed relivant for a long long time.  Well, the boys came through in a huge way!! Recorded in Santa Cruz California with engineer Aaron Cooper “The Haunting” is nothing short of amazing. The album is full of bad ass riffs that are throwbacks to the good ole days of skate punk. There is also plenty elements of stoner/desert rock with essence of the grunge era mixed in. The tones are insane and huge! D2N captured their live sound to perfection and putting on tape a vibe of who they are!  

The album’s opening track “Devils Backbone” is an old school thrash punk vibe that  see’s Lewis deliver a fantastic guitar solo while Pete and Sean lay down a heavy groove. “Devils Backbone” also provides a musical landscape for Lewis to bring some killer vocals full of grit and attitude. The album’s third track “Burn” starts with an epic war cadence by Testorff on drums that slam right into a dirty riff. I love the lyrics on this track and the melody that Lewis delivers them in. “Burn” is an epic song that is sure to wake your bones  and prepare you to slay!! The band hits on all cylinders on the outro crushing all in its path.

The album’s fourth track “Forgive Me” is a high point for me and shows the band’s ability to craft badass heavy songs. Carried by a heavy sludgy riff “Forgive Me”  sees Lewis’s voice in the same arena as Staley or Weliand. The songs breakdown has Sean dropping a killer groove on bass while the guitar howls on top. I love the dynamics of this song. The drums are huge and fat while the guitars hit hard with no forgivness. “The Policy” is a stoner rock gem with a killer spacey guitar solo and show Sean and Pete gel to give the song a high octane shuffle with balls. The Album’s title track “The Haunting” has a old school punk vibe that hits hard and with no remorse. “Wires’ is another standout track for me. The heavy sludgy riff and Lewis’s vocals in the intro set the table for a creepy little groove with dark elements. The guitar has some very intricate details adding depth and complexity. As a whole, this album rocks. Its full of killer guitar riffs and heavy grooves. I think Lewis has hit a new gear with a vocals and Doors To No Where is looking at a very bright future.

In my opinion “The Haunting” is a must have record and easily one of my favorite releases of 2016. The recording sounds huge and all nine songs offer their own unique pulse. If you are fan of Sabbath, Kyuss, Alice In Chains or old school punk you will love this album. You can get your copy directly from the band at or at



Doors To No Where’s Marc Lewis

Marc checks in to discuss D2N’s hometown show this Friday 

A band you need to check out is Doors To No Where out of Santa Cruz California. The trio which features Marc Lewis (Guitar Vocals), Sean O’Kelly (Bass) and Pete Testorff (drums) has been deliver the goods for quite some time now and have 2 albums under their belt. The latest effort “Lucky You” has been in constant rotation for me since it’s release. I have gone on record saying that D2N is one of the best bands have scene live in a long time. They come out with a know nonsense attitude and just do what they love and that’s play music. Your not gonna see any cliché rock star moves or stage cheese. Your not going to get some ego driven a-holes posing in band pics trying to look bad ass with the stereo typical flask or cigarette. You’re simply going to get bad ass rock n roll and killer guitar riffs. In the bay area this is a breath of fresh air. I wish more bands would just come out and play and leave the rock star crap at home! One thing that I have been really impressed with Doors To No Where is how they support other bands. This can be directly attributed to D2N’s front man and leader Marc Lewis. D2N has a big show Friday (3/18/16) in their hometown Santa Cruz at the Blue Lagoon with Spirit In The Room, Bro-Magnon and Fires Fury. I literally cannot wait for this show. When I got word I Immediately reached out to Marc in hopes of doing a cover story on D2N leading up to the show. His response was, “I really want to introduce Santa Cruz to “Spirit In The Room” and support them. Instead of getting the attention on himself and his own band he wanted to support his friends in Spirit In The Room. Well, thank you Marc for turning me on to Dennis Sanders and Spirit In The Room, I’ve been digging that bands music and am very excited to check them out live on Friday. This is not the first time Marc has turned me onto bands other then Doors To No Where. He has turned me onto “You Know Who, Year Of The Cobra, and Against The Grain. He has also makes sure I’m caught up on what’s going on with SC legends BL”AST!. It’s killer to know that some bands still support each other and help to build the scene up. It’s very rare you find a musician so supportive and loyal to others. So, having said all this I have forced Marc to do a little interview with me before the big show on Friday.

WormHound> Marc, Thanks for doing this! Are you ready to talk about Doors To No Where?

Marc > No problem dude. I’m happy to chat. Thanks for all the support.

WormHound > Are you ready for Friday? What can we expect for D2N?

Marc > You can expect to have a good night at the good ole Blue in downtown SC. We have a great mix of music. Bro-Magnon is going to bring the party rock and I think people are going to be really impressed and blown away with what Spirit In The Room brings. I’m stoked to check out Fire’s Fury and we in D2N are goona have fun and do our thing. Got some old tunes, new tunes and loud guitars.

WormHound> You mentioned new tunes.. Does that mean a new album soon? 

Marc > D2N will have new music out very soon. I’ve been in a major writing mode and am really excited about what we have been creating.

WormHound > How do you approach live performances?

Marc > I just want to have fun and play my songs. The three of us in D2N really trust each other and can just go for it live. Balls to the walls. A lot of the time when we play live I just slip into the music and space out on it. Playing music is my church and sanctuary. It’s great when the crowd is into it and feeding the energy but I’m always going to play my guitar like I mean it and have fun doing it.


WormHound > Tell us about Spirit In The Room.

Marc > I can’t. I don’t have words for it. You need to experience it. Defiantly one of the best live performances I have seen was when we played with them in Hollywood. I really respect what they do. I’m really looking forward to playing with them again and hope to do more shows together in the future. Do yourself a favor and check them out! Spirit In The Room are pros and unlike anything you have heard before. 

WormHound > What is your favorite D2N song to play live?

Marc > Right now I would say it’s a newer song called Burn. Pete absolutely kills it on drums through out the whole song. It has a tripped out little guitar riff that has a dirty groove going on.

WormHound > Who would you say is your biggest influence on guitar?

Marc > Oh man. There is so so many. It’s imposable to pick one. I would say that Paige, Angus, Pygmie, Mustaine, Fruciante, Peter Green and early QOTSA Homme and Kyuss Homme are brilliant. And of course the master Iommi! I could go on and on.

WormHound > How about vocal influences?

Marc > Again, the list is huge. I don’t really think of myself as a singer but I do have fun with it and know my voice is far from pretty. I always go back to Zeppelin, Sabbath and Kyuss. But I also grew up in the grunge era and was heavily influenced by the likes of Staley, Cornell, Weiland and Vedder. I always gotta give Idol and Bowie love. Bon Scott is one of the greatest!

WormHound > You have introduced me to some great bands, what new bands are you digging?

Marc > Well… Mother Crone! In my mind they are the best new heavy band out there. We are stoked to be playing some dates with them in April as part of their tour. Brume, out of SF will also be a part of that and they rock. You also need to check out Red Desert and War Drum! Lowrider is got new music on its way and I’m sure it will rock.

WormHound > What is next for Doors To No Where?

Marc > Friday March 18th at the Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz! Come hang out with us! We will be in San Jose at the Back Bar Sofa on March 26th thanks to our friend’s Barren land Productions. That is going to be a great show with a solid line up. That show will feature MK Ultra, The Randy Savages and Old School Analog. Also on the bill is Drain who I’m really excited to see. I’m hearing great things about them. They look like they might be the next big punk band out of SC.
After that we have those dates with Mother Crone and Brume that will be rocking. Announcements about that will be coming real soon.
In June we will be hitting the road with our good buddies You Know Who on the Bloody Mary Tour! Get ready for that!!
WormHound > Thanks again for doing this, anything else you want people to know about Friday?

Marc > No No No! Thank You for all the support! As far as Friday goes, come on out peeps. Enjoy the music and if you get thirsty enjoy an adult beverage. We are very pumped to be playing with Bro-Magnon and fires fury again. We are also honored to be able to bring Spirit In The Room to Santa Cruz!




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Rock N Roll Aint Dead

HERE!I know I’m gonna get better at this concert review thing. I know I lag!! But after last weekend you would be to! Seriously, I enjoyed 3 badass shows!  How many people can say they saw Goatsnake, Blackbreath, Battalion Of Saints, Obliterations, You Know Who, Doors To No Where, Flexx Bronco and AC/DC in a matter of three days. Well, I did! I barely survived!

The rock N roll extravaganza started at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz where I was really pumped to check out Obliterations with legendary drummer Joey Castillo.  Of course Goatsnake killed it and Battalion Of Saints delivered a solid set. I was not familiar with Black Breath and was not overly impressed with their set. The highlight of the night was the Obliteration’s and the beast mode of Joey Castillo. The burly drummer was on fire and absolutely killing it. How Josh Homme could let him leave Queens Of The Stone Age is beyond me. In fact, QOTSA has totally sucked without Oliveri, Lanegan and Castillo. Hey JOSH! Get your balls back!!! Anyways, The Obliteration’s with Castillo on drums brought the power, energy and the danger that rock N roll should!


Picture 9



Next off I headed to SF to see the mighty AC/DC. Sadly, this could be the last time seeing them. Let me start by saying my life has moments that our defined by AC/DC. Their music and concerts over the years have accompanied some of the greatest moments of my life! Even though Malcolm Young was absent the boys in AC/DC did it again. If this really is the end of AC/Dc they truly are going out on top. Thunderstruck and Dirty deads sounds absolutely perfect.  T.N.T and Highway to Hell also provided high points of the set. The sixty year old Angus Young stalked the stage with more energy than most guitarist in their twenties. The classic school boy outfit and Angus dance showed ready to once again why  Angus is one of the best Rock N Roll guitar players on the planet!

Picture 10

Lastly my weekend ended in SF at Benders! What a killer place! I was super stoked for this show. The palm desert act “You Know Who” along with Doors To No Where from Santa Cruz are two very exciting bands! I have already stated that “You Know Who” album is my early pick for album of the year. If you haven’t picked it up yet you definitely should! Get it HERE! YKW brought down the house in SF. Lead by Mike Pygmie on guitar and vocals the palm desert boys brought some serious skill to their high energy thrash punk. Doors To No Where also delivered another solid set. DTNW mostly played new songs that they plan on recording soon. That is an album I’m really looking forward to. Both YKW and DTNW have bad ass drummers! Greg Seanz for YKW and Pete Testorff are the real deal. Again, I was really impressed with the voacls of Marc Lewis from DTNW. I would love to see him a sing a song with Pygmie on guitar. Speaking of Pygmie, that dude shreds on the guitar! SF locals Flexx Bronco closed the show. I felt a little bad for them having to follow two killer sets but they impressed me. The fall in the same vein as Turbonegro and delivered classic punk rock riffs. I for sure look forward to seeing them again! D2N-PROMO

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Archer, Doors To No Where & Some Band Named D15

Picture 7

I drove down to the Catalyst in Santa Cruz a couple weeks back to check out the homecoming show of “Archer” with special guests “Doors To No Where.” For people like me this show was somewhat a Blast from the past. Archer has been around for days while Doors To No Where are fronted by former “Live Wire” front man Marc Lewis. Both Archer and Live Wire played a lot of shows in SC that I attended in my younger days. I remember seeing “Live Wire” absolutely tear apart the Brookdale lodge with “Agent Orange.” This show is exactly what I expected. Both Archer and “Doors To No Where” came with a high level of guitar slaying and bad ass rock n roll. Archer front Man Dylan Rose set the house on fire with some serious and classic shredding. Very similar sound and style as Zack Wylde from “Black Label Society.” Archer played a solid set to the approval of the local crowd.

Picture 10


The high point of the show for me though was Marc Lewis and Doors To No Where. While Archer ripped they sound very similar to other shred type bands. “Doors To No Where” came with a unique and jaw dropping sound that is totally their own. While the set consisted of mostly new material I found myself in a trance totally consumed by the music voodoo that was coming out of Lewis’s guitar. DTNW drummer Pete Testorff showed incredible strength and power while drumming like a real rock drummer should. The only dowm point of Doors To No Where’s set was when bass player Sean Sanford took over on lead vocals for a song. Like in the past when I’ve seen this band live, he does not have the same vocal power and range has his band mate. He sings more in the range of Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age) karaoke style. His singing was very hard to pick up and did not match the energy the bands overall energy. The high point of the show for me was actually Marc Lewis’s vocal power. About four songs into the set Marc truly hit his stride belting out in unmatched manner. In fact many people in the crowd took notice and I over heard the guy next to me saying that fucker can sing.

Picture 6

The low point of the show to me was the openers D15. I had never heard of them and was excited to see a new band that landed on such a big show for local Santa Cruz rockers. Fronted by two dudes that looked like they stepped out of a twilight movie D15 represented everything Rock N Roll shouldn’t be. FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! I got the impression the band spend their nights practicing rock poses in the mirror. I also heard from a bartender that they brought so much gear and crap that “Doors To No Where” was not able to sound check and even had to shorten their set. Not a cool or respectful move by the new comers. D15 did have plenty of talent, but the cheese factor and lack of originality buried that. At times I could not tell if the drummer was playing and the guitar tones lacked any soul or anything solid to grasp.

I have yet to get Archers new album but I plan on it. I would defiantly see them again live if I had the chance. If for nothing else but to see the serious guitar shred of Dylan Rose. After seeing them deliver live it might be a must have in my library.