Top Albums Of 2018

So another year is in the books and once again I lagged on getting my top ten album list out. Maybe next year I will be on time but I  doubt it! 2018 brought some goods to us in rock music loving world and the return of some of my all time favorite bands. This year I also struggled with the order of which I put my top ten. My top four were locks for me and could easily each be number 1 on my list. Five through 10  really gave me fits and I finally after debating came up with my list. Anyways, enough with my rant. Lets get this started.

  1. Monster Magnet – Mindfucker

This was one of the releases I was most excited for in 2018. In my opinion Monster Magnet is one of the most underrated bands in rock and never really gets the credit they deserve. Mindfucker didn’t fully jive with me at first but after a couple spins I woke the fuck up. The album is full of classic Monster Magnet riffs and melodies that front man Dave Wyndorf  is a master of. Speaking of Wyndorf, he still sounds great. 

  1. Black Rainbows – Pandaemonium

The trio from Rome Italy killed it on this psychedelic stoner doom trip. I love the tones and dark edge to this album. And let us not forget how badass the album art was! Since seeing Black Rainbows in Santa Cruz California they have become one of my favorite active bands. Front man Gabriele Fiori is a ripping guitar player. Pandaemonium is one of many great albums of Black Rainbows. 

   8. Corrosion Of Conformity – No cross No Crown

This was another album I couldn’t wait for. I love the COC line up that features Pepper Keenan on vocals and I was pumped he was back in the fold for this album. The album features that heavy pan fried southern rock that COC do better then anyone. It sure felt good to hear how Woody Weatherman and Pepper Keenan work together on guitar. That twin solo thing they do is always fire! 

7. Greenleaf – Hear The Rivers

The Swedish rockers crushed it on this one. Founding guitarist Tommi Holappa is a factory for bad ass riffs. I love the tones and production on Hear The Rivers. vocalist Arvid Hällagård paints over Holappa’s riffs masterfully. I also got to say Greenleaf came out with a killer music video as well.

  1. Yawning Man – The Revolt Against Tired Noises

This album is absolutely beautiful and blew my mind. It truly is a musical journey that colors the soul. I listened to this record on a road trip this year and escaped the daily grinds of life and truly felt lifted into a state of bliss. Gary Arce guitar work on this thing is amazing. Mario Lalli the desert legend himself lays down serious grooves on bass. I really can not say enough about how beautiful this album is. 

  1. Clutch – Book Of Bad Decisions

Clutch is so consistent it isn’t even funny. They got the formula down pat and just keep putting out insanely cool records. Book Of Bad Decisions is another great clutch album driven by great riffs and catchy and unique vocal melodies. The production is once again great and its exactly what you expect a Clutch album to sound like. If it aint broke, don’t fix it. 

  1. Sleep – The Sciences

This is a heavy ass masterpiece that hits hard!  This riff driven sonic ass whooping  is so ugly it’s beautiful. The boys in Sleep live up to their legend on The Sciences and once again show why they are in a class of their own. The doom pioneers are so good at creating tension and pounding you over and over into submission while slowly building up to a cosmic ass whooping.   

  1. All Souls – Self Titled

This debut record hit all the feels and blew my mind from the get! Top to bottom this record rips and is a must have! It’s got a haunting familiarity while being very unique. The overall production on this album is next level and the guitar tones are perfect. All Souls put them selves on the map with this record and I can’t wait to hear what they do next. 

  1. Brant Bjork – Mankind Woman

The king Of cool Brant Bjork gave us another groovy little masterpiece in 2018 . Mankind Women is a hot groove booty shaking machine. Bjork really hit his stride on this record vocally and sounds great. Brant has always put out solid records but Mankind Woman captures the essence of what Bjork and his band do live. I love the feels on this record. It literary sounds like they are playing in your living room. 

  1. Fu Manchu – Clone Of The Universe

Another great album from the mighty Fu Manchu! So many great riffs and hooks. The band is truly on fire and bringing the gold. Clone Of The Universe sounds huge and explosive. So many classic FU style riffs postmarked by the trademark vocal style of Scott Hill. These dudes are the kings of tones and making it sound so smooth and simple. 

So…. Thats my list! I would also like to give honorable mentions to Alice In Chains, Orange Goblin and the Chris Cornell record. The Alice In Chains album was sneaky good and is still growing on me. The Cornell record had a lot of cool older live stuff on it. Anyways… Happy New Years!!


  1. Fu Manchu – Clone Of The Universe
  2. Brant Bjork – Mankind Women
  3. All Souls – Self Titled
  4. Sleep – The Sciences
  5. Clutch – Book Of Bad Decisions
  6. Yawning man – The Revolt Against Tired Noises
  7. Greenleaf – Hear The Rivers
  8. Corrosion Of Conformity – No Cross No Crown
  9. Black Rainbows – Pandaemonium
  10. Monster Magnet – Mindfucker





Erik Trammell From All Souls

WH –  How did All Souls come together as a band? 

Erik – Antonio and I had been talking about playing some music together for years but we were always busy, we were both tour managing bands and touring with our own bands and there was never time. I moved to Austin, TX for a few years and when I moved back we just got the ball rolling. We played around with some ideas on acoustics and Meg and Tornay liked them so we started to discuss what we all wanted to do. We had some dinners/meetings and then jammed on some ideas and that was it, All Souls was a reality.

WH – Can you tells us how you guys came up with the name All Souls?

Erik – We sat down before ever playing a note and came up with a concise idea of how we wanted to approach this band. We were interested in our content having deep meaning and being inclusive and the words All Souls fit that idea.

WH – You have been playing with some amazing bands recently, who has been the most fun to watch?

Erik – For me it’s been The Jesus Lizard. Each guy is a force of nature on their own and when you combine the precise instrumental machine with Mr Yow, it’s truly amazing.


WH – What are you most looking forward to about hitting the Bay Area?

Erik – The shows! I grew up in Moss Beach, CA and used to surf Pleasure Point and Capitola a bunch in high school so it’ll be pretty cool to visit those areas again.

WH – How did you link up with Marc and Doors To No Where and any chance you all will play more shows together down the line?

Erik – We connected with Marc via our drum player Tony Tornay, Fatso Jetson has played a million shows, I think they met through the band. We’re definitely hoping to come back to Santa Cruz or Capitola soon and it’d be great to play with Doors To No Where again.


WH – Does your live set consist of songs from the album only?

Erik – We play most of the first record live but there are some new songs in there too.

WH –  Will those new songs in the set make the next album?

Erik – Absolutely, we have been playing one of the new ones since the Melvins tour but we might sprinkle in a few others on this west coast trip.

WH – Speaking of the album, it’s absolutely brilliant, did you know right away you guys had something special?   

Erik – Thanks, stoked you like it! We definitely had some goose bumps when we listened to it, we all had our own favorite moments but for me Time Bomb has always stood out. I like the interlude part a bunch and I love the outro bass/guitar harmony with the slide solo.

WH – The production on the album sounds so freaking good. Who did you work with and at what studio?

Erik – Thanks, we were specific about the structures and effects and Toshi Kasai has killer input. Toshi is well known for being an amazing producer/engineer and giver of rad ideas. He’s also a great musician and has been a friend for many years. That kind of a relationship makes it very easy to create. His studio is called Sound of Sirens

WH – Everything I’ve heard from All Souls has killer tones. I’m talking studio and live. Can you tell us a little about how you approach your tones?

Erik – That’s really cool of you to mention because the tones are pretty different. The record was mostly done with a 1976 Sunn Model-T and live I use an Orange Crush Pro 120 but I’ll be using the Orange in the studio next time. My main focus is to use any tools (effects, pick, e-bow, chicken pickin/fingerstyle, harmonics, volume,  etc.) to do something textural and complimentary to the song but sometimes a direct approach is best.

WH –  How do you guys approach writing songs?

Erik –  That’s a secret!

WH – Who are some of you biggest influences on guitar?

Erik – Dang, there are many amazing payers out there but for me it started with East Bay Ray and moved onto Johnny Marr, Tony Iommi, Robert Smith, David Gilmour, Chet Atkins, Robin Guthrie, Brian May, Billy Gibbons, Marc Bolan, Duane Denison, Daniel Ash, Poison Ivy, Prince etc.


WH – You guys have been touring a lot recently, what does Erik and All Souls listen to in the van?

Erik – We usually listen to Howard Stern on the longer drives but I totally love this show called Knif Files on Mixcloud, it’s rock & roll and obscure music from the 60’s. I also play tons of Boards of Canada and kraut rock.

WH – What’s next for All Souls?

Erik – After we finish these dates with The Jesus Lizard we’re going to get into the studio as soon as possible. We have been able to write some killer songs between the Melvins and Jesus Lizard tours and we wanna get them on tape and into your ears ASAP!

 I would like to thank Erik for taking the time to do this for us at WormHound. All Souls is  an amazing band with  an amazing debut record. You can see Wormhound’s review here.  I can not wait to see these guys live and for their future releases. They have this magic about them that makes them sound so familiar and its all the feels while still being fresh and unique.  





So just who is Dave Teget?? He is the bass player from the up  and coming band Mountain Tamer and he is one cool dude. Mountain Tamer recently just dropped a killer new album titled “Good Fortune, Dark Matters” on us and it’s a gem! (see my review here) Mr. Teget’s bass work on that record is really really good. I’m gonna put this out there right now on record!! Mr. Teget is one of the best bass guitarist in the scene right now! Let’s get to know this cat a little better with….. WORMHOUNDS RANDOM QUSTIONS!!!

WH – What is your go to guilty pleasure band/ artist?  –

TEGET – Call me Bill Clinton, because I got a soft spot for Ariana Grande.

WH –  If you could make an album with one band/artist dead or alive who is it and why?  

TEGET –  So many answers to this question! I guess it would be nice to play with someone who could push me out of my comfort zone. I’ve been diggin these crossover world/psych albums so maybe someone like Fela Kuti.


WH –  Favorite genre of music besides your own?

TEGET –  Lately, its been country. Not kidding. Hank sr., Buck Owens, Blaze Foley etc.

WH – Favorite tour food/snack?

TEGET –  discovered this little gem on our last tour: peanut butter and jalapeno sandwich. You can add cilantro, onion, tomato, whatever you have on hand, but you gotta have pb and jalapeno. It’s kinda like Thai peanut sauce, so it’s not that weird.


WH –  Besides music name one hobby you enjoy?

TEGET –  plotting the ‘accidental’ demise of my bandmates. It’s the one ray of hope in the miserable darkness that is my life.

WH  Why do you play music?

TEGET – if i don’t, mountain tamer will kill my family.


WH – What was the last gift you gave someone?

TEGET –  I’ll tell ya the next gift I’m giving… 2 cyanide pills crushed up in some Denver omelettes for my ‘friends’

WH –  If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be?

TEGET –  karma chameleon. Next question.


WH –  What song best describes you?

TEGET –  I’m walking on sunshine or anything by flipper. No in between.

WH –  What nickname would you give yourself?

TEGET –  the sexinator.

WH –  If you could steal one song from anyone which one would it be and why?


TEGET –  something from Greta von fleet so I could steal from a band who stole from a band who stole from a band…

WH – Favorite movie quote?

TEGET – life’s a garden, dig it…. if you know, you know…

WH – Give your bandmates nicknames?  

TEGET –  the loud one and the short one

WH –  What is one band you would suggest people check out?

TEGET –  lot of good music coming out right now. Hard to just pick one. I’ve seen deathchant 2 or 3 times this summer, looking forward to their debut album. Ladykiller out of Austin. Salem’s Bend… stay tuned to mountain tamer, we usually s/O our favorites.







Brant Bjork & “Saving Mankind”

So lets get real for a quick minute! They don’t make them much cooler than Brant Bjork. I mean honestly, the dude just gives off the ultimate chill and cool vibe. He’s like the desert Jesus or some shit.  OK! RANT OVER!!

Brant_Bjork 2 Aija_Svensson HIGH RES

So why am I talking Brant Bjork right now you ask? Well… Mr. Bjork will be releasing his 13th solo record titled “Mankind Woman” through Heavy Psych Sounds on September 14th 2018. From start to finish this is 100% with out a doubt A Brant Bjork record. “Making Woman” however is a result of  solely collaborating with producer, Co-writer and guitarist Bubba Dupree(LowDesertPunkBand). Bass duties were handled by guest appearances by Armand Secco Sabal and the legendary  Nick Oliveri. Another desert legend Sean Wheeler, who happens to be another LowDesertPunkBand vet, also makes a guest appearance on vocals. This album takes all the traits I’ve loved best about Bjork’s solo stuff and cranked them to 11!


“Mankind Woman” is 11 super groovy, tasty and blissful desert sunsets morphed into music. No joke, this just may be my favorite Bjork record to boot. Everything about this record is rad and comes through the speakers so naturally. I love the tones and the vibe on this record so much. The production is clean, smooth and very well balanced. It gives off a very old school vibe with sounding dated. It literally  feels like Bjork and company are set up in my living room playing. Brant also delivers his best vocal performance of any of his records while diving into deeper lyrical content then records before. The albums title track “Mankind Woman” features that classic laid back Bjork vocal style that he does better than anyone else. “Chocolatize” opens up the album with a quirky little groove and killer vocal hook from Bjork that sinks deep into your brain and rattles around for hours.


Sean Wheelers guest vocal performance on the track “Pretty Hairy” is absolutely amazing. The dude has such a great nature tone in his voice and it paints over Brants guitar rhythms perfectly. “Pretty Hairy also has a killer little guitar solo and bass breakdown in it. This track is defiantly a high point on the record for me.


“1968” is another stand out track pushed by a swanky little riff and a super cool feel on the drums. It also has a really rad guitar lead in it. “Nation Of Indica” finishes off the album with no remorse. Marching forward with a killer baseline while Wheeler delivers another bad ass vocal performance. The song builds tension while also creating a trance like experience. The lyrical contents touch on mental health and hit home. “Pisces” is yet another track with a tasty guitar riff and great vocal performance by Bjork.


This album gets better and better after each lesson and gets stuck in my head. I could defiantly see “Mankind Woman” making it onto my top ten albums of the year list. Longtime fans of Brant will not be disappointed. Musically this album has that magic chemistry that is hard to explain. Lucky for us Bjork, Dupree, Oliveri and Sabal captured that magic on tape. Lets just hope we can get more music out of this combination in the near future. You best head over to Heavy Psych Sounds and pick this bad boy up!








Mountain Tamer

So… I’m back bitches! Life has been crazy to say the least but I’m starting to get a foundation under me again and I’m ready to roll.


Mountain Tamer has been a band on my radar for some time now. In fact, since they were still located in Santa Cruz I’ve kept tabs on them.  I caught them on tour with Mondo Generator and Doors To No Where and was instantly a lifelong fan and have been looking forward to hearing new music from them since. Well… Andru Hall(Guitar/vocals), Casey Garcia(drums) & Dave Teget(Bass/Vocals) who’s powers combined create Mountain Tamer have unleashed a brand spanking new album titled “Good Fortune, Dark Matters” on us and its very impressive.


So.. the boys of Mountain Tamer dropped their sophomore record on us August 24th via Magnetic Eye Records and it takes no time at all to take off into a fury of rock wizardry.  The track “Faith Peddler” opens up the 11 track album with a bad ass bass groove laid down by Teget that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Teget and Garcia make up a very strong and powerful rhythm section. One of the tings that make Mountain Tamer great is the unique and little settle things they do. “Faith Peddler” also has a very Dexter like video along with it that unless your a vegetarian is must watch TV.

The boys in Mountain Tamer have a killer chemistry playing together and it comes through the speakers loud and clear. Their songs come of very natural and in sink versus forced or cookie cutter. The track “People Problems” is a prime example of this. They lock in together and Andru Hall delivers his strongest vocal performance on the record. He also drops a killer Primus style guitar solo on this one. Hall has a basic approach to the vocals that are the perfect match for what the instruments got going on. I get a kinda Nebula meets Dozer vibe at times.

The track “Wretched” is nothing short of epic. Its by far my favorite song of “Good Fortune, Dark Matters.” Its laced with a doom type riff that sludges along pounding your face in while Hall hooks you with some killer guitar work. I love me some doom but sometimes its gets to receptive and boring to say the least. “Wretched” is a prime example on how not to fall in that repeat it over and over doom metal trap. Mountain Tamer keep it interesting by utilizing those settle changes I was talking about earlier. This song builds you up has if your getting ready to march off to battle.

Overall “Good Fortune, Dark Matters” is a very solid record from a very solid up and coming band. Mountain Tamer is the real thing and I suggest you check them out. Go see them live and buy “Good Fortune, Dark Matters.” Good news is that the boys will be hitting the road and hitting it hard!




Fu Manchu Does It Again

So at this point Fu Manchu has the Fu Manchu formula down to a science. Put out a killer record, tour and repeat. I have honestly never been disappointed with one Fu Manchu record. Sure, some I like more then others, but they are all freaking good. The thing is, they all sound like Fu Manchu. Killer riffs, simple and laid back approach to the vocals and serious grooves. Well…. Their latest album “Clone Of The Universe” came out today and its another darn good one.


“Clone Of  The Universe” starts off strong with the the track “Intelligent Worship” in which Fu front man Scott Hill (guitar/vocals) drops that classic singing style of his. He has always had such a unique and cool approach to his phrasing. There is no mistaking him for anyone else.  Of course the song also features a killer riff that rocks hard and gets the head banging. Guitarist Bob Bach also drops a fantastic guitar solo on this one.


The album then takes a turn into circus like groove with the song “(I’ve Been) Hexed.” The guitar vibe is really cool on this one and gives lots of space for bass player Brad Davis to show his chops. The next track “Don’t Panic” reminds a bit of Bl’ast!, but with cleaner and tighter execution. Drummer Scott Reeders performance on this one is top notch.


“Slower Than Light” is a classic Fu Manchu groove that ends up punching you in the face. Scott’s vocals put you in trance while the bass line is pure silk gold. Its the perfect song to lead into “Nowhere Left To Hide.” which is yet another track built around a killer riff. Fu Manchu really let the groove sit in on this one. The slightly sludgy riff pulls back to earth.


The title track is probably my favorite of the album. Its got all of the Fu Manchu elements I love. The vocals work hand and hand with the guitar and you can’t  help but digging the hook. Scott Hill is a very underrated when it comes to his lyrics and the hook type melodies he comes up with. Fu Manchu songs always seem to get stuck in my tiny little pea brain.


The album closes out with “ll Mostro Atomico” which is an 18 minute epic monster of a Jam. The band sounds enormous on the long drawn out intro as they pound the riff home. The guitar solo work is killer! Oh by the way… Fu Manchu had a little help from Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson on this one so…. Thats a thing.  “ll Mostro Atomico” also features some pretty cool soundscapes.


So yet again Fu Manchu does what Fu Manchu always does. They stick to being bad ass and as consistent as consistent gets. All four members are stealer players and good dudes to boot. The only complaint I have is I wish there was more!! Seven songs just wasn’t enough. I will say the band sounds very powerful and energetic. You can hear the energy come through their playing on every note. I will be in attendance for the big release show tonight and look forward to seeing these new tracks live.




The River Cult Interview

Super pumped to catch up a bit with the boys of River Cult who are making some noise out of Brooklyn with their record “Halcyon Daze.” The record is out today and the boys were kind enough to tell us a bit about it. So thank you, Sean Forlenza (Guitar/Vocals),
Anthony Mendolia (Bass) and Tav Palumbo (Drums) for taking the time to do this!

WH: First off, congratulations on the album!! It’s a very impressive debut. You mind telling us a little on how the writing process went?

Sean: Thanks! Basically one of us comes in with a riff, or a partially finished song, and then we all work together to complete it. We always try to record while we write, and then listen back before the next rehearsal. Sometimes things spontaneously come together perfectly during a section we are just jamming on, so we go back and try to recreate it, perfect it, and then set it in stone for the final version. The lyrics and vocal melodies usually come much later once the music is totally done.

WH: How WH: did the title “Halcyon Daze” come to be and what is the meaning behind it?

SeanIts a pun on the phrase, “halcyon days,” which refers to a sort of, “golden time period,” of the past, implying that things were much better then than now. I believe this to be a flawed way of thinking and serves to distract people from dealing with the present, and puts them in a sort of dazed state. The song, “Halcyon Daze,” touches this subject, but is more specifically about constantly seeing shocking and violent images from far away places in the media and the disorientation that it causes the viewer. In the song, the protagonist starts to question the reality around him and feels he can’t trust what he is seeing in the news anymore because it is so starkly different than his immediate situation that he cannot relate to it at all.


WH: The Sophist is probably my favorite track off the album. You mind telling us a little about the lyrics and how you approach writing your lyrics?

Sean: Thanks, that was a tricky one to put together! We had a lot of ideas going on but were finally able to refine them into something that flowed. “Sophistry,” was an ancient Greek school of so called philosophers that would use fallacious and deceitful rhetoric in order to win arguments. True philosophers of the time, like Socrates and Plato, spoke against the sophists because they valued deceitful rhetoric over truth. The song, “The Sophist,” is comparing that idea to people who talk way too much and argue about things they don’t really know, simply for the joy of winning arguments. As for my approach with lyrics, I start by just singing random words at rehearsal to get the vocal melody and structure together, and then I think about different themes and slowly start writing the lyrics. Its kind of a long process that I can’t rush, even though our lyrics are sparse.

WH: Likelihood Of Confusion is another strong song. Can you tells a little bit how that song came to be?
Sean: Anthony came in with the main, opening riff of that one and then we all started working on it together. We finished it pretty quickly.. one of those riffs that kind of writes itself. For the long, spacey ending, we were originally thinking of it as a segue for a live set to flow into the next song seamlessly, and ended up keeping it that way for the album because we really liked it. Its a lot of fun to just space out on that part and lay it on thick. The lyrics are about sobriety being boring and just waiting to get lifted.. basically, haha. Its meant in more of a playful way though, ant not about about serious addiction, like the last track, “Point of Failure.” The title is actually a term in copy-write law, the likelihood of confusion of two things with the same name. I thought it was funny to think of it in the context of getting stoned or something.. the likelihood of lighting up and throwing it all into confusion!
WH: You guys use dynamics really well to shape your songs. Is that something you try for or does it just happen naturally? 
Sean: A little bit of both. Its something that happens naturally because we use pedals as part of our songwriting, and kicking on a fuzz or cutting it, or switching between two different dirt pedals on a dime, all adds to dynamics and happens naturally as we write. That being said, we also have moments where we are like, okay.. this part goes on too long with the same vibe, how can we switch it up? And sometimes instead of adding a new riff or section, dropping out or kicking it up can add the new element we were looking for. We much prefer to use dynamic changes like this in our songwriting as opposed to making something overly complex and adding too many notes. Its more about trying to capture a feeling or a vibe.


WH: The tones on “Halcyon Daze” are stellar. What kind of gear are you all using?  


Sean: I’m playing a heavily modified ’02 Les Paul R8 though a Cornford MK100 and an Orange PPC412. I used a ton of pedals on the album.. so I may be missing a few: Swollen Pickle fuzz, MASF Wata Fuzz, CAE Overdrive/Boost, CAE Wah, Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport analog delay, and Boss CE-2W, DM-2W, RV-3 and DD3. I also used a Death by Audio Echo Master for some of the vocal tricks.


Anthony: I play a 91 Gibson Thunderbird through an Orange ob1-500 head into an old ampeg 8×10 cab. I run a couple pedals including a black arts toneworks pharaoh fuzz, blackout effectors whetstone phaser and a boss rv-3.

WH: What do you hope listeners get out of Halcyon Daze?
Sean: We are just hoping people put it on and really get into it. We wrote and arranged the album in a way so that it flows and takes the listener on a trip. We are really just writing music we would want to listen to ourselves, so I hope others feel the same way. We just want people to sit back and dig it!

WH: Which one track off “Halcyon Daze” is your favorite to play live?

Sean: I’d have to say, “Point of Failure.” I really love playing the trippy, repetitive ending and getting really lost in it and then exploding into the loud, heavy riff from the chorus in the beginning of the song. Its a killer way to end a set. I also really like singing that one.
Anthony:  Also Point of Failure. It’s just a real fun song to play and has a great vibe.
Tav: All that droning on the toms makes the title track a fun one for me, also probably the most exhausting.

WH: Speaking of playing live, are you guys planning on doing any  touring?


Sean: Nothing solid right now but we are planning on focusing on playing outside of the NYC area and doing a string of shorter tours. We would also love to be able to book something in Europe, but that is a long term goal at this point. 

WH: What sort of approach do you all take to your live performances?

Sean: We try to weave all the songs in the set together with either just one break without pause. Sometimes this happens naturally with the way the songs are written, or we have to change a thing or two to make it work. I think its much more impactful to present a set this way, given the dynamics of our music. We also try to play as loud as the venue lets us! Much to the sound person’s chagrin.

WH: How long have you all been together?


Sean: We formed around August of 2015, so about 2 1/2 years.


WH: Tell us how the name River Cult came to be?

Sean: We just kept bouncing ideas off of each other and ended up with it. I’ve always had a sort of obsession with rivers so I wanted that to be in the name. NYC is obviously separated by rivers, and my friends jokingly talk about having to schlep across two rivers just to see each other. “I came two rivers for this?!”

WH: Who are some of your biggest influences and why?

Sean: So obviously Sabbath/Sleep, etc. I also really love how Boris structures their songs and take a big influence from Wata. But for my guitar playing I love Keiji Haino, Daniel Ash, Robert Smith, Michio Kurihara and Takashi Mizutani just to name a few in a broad spectrum. John Coltrane has also had a life changing impact on me. Lyrically I’m more inspired by literature, but I love how Bobby Liebling sings and the subject matters he touches upon.

Tav: Jaki Liebezeit and Dale Crover are some of my favorite drummers. I think they represent two ends of the spectrum I try to draw from; from heavy handed flams and pounding to tight trance inducing repetitious grooves.
River Cult’s record release show for  “Halcyon Daze” will be at the Sunnyvale in Brooklyn with Somnuri & Aux Era on March 15th. I would like to thank them for taking the time to chat with us. You can head here and buy yourself a copy of “Halcyon Daze” and checkout our review of it here. 

All Souls Brilliant Debut!

So….. All Souls is a band that you absolutely need to check out! I mean it!!! The LA based band that features: Antonio Aguilar (Totimoshi)  on guitar/vocals,  Meg Castellanos (Totimoshi) on Bass/Vocals, Erik Trammell(Black Elk) on guitar and Tony Tornay (Fatso Jetson/ Deep Dark Robot/ Brant Bjork) on drums is set to releasee their debut self titled album and its a masterpiece. The album is driving, colorful and chalk full of hooks. You can see that All Souls knows a thing or 2 about rock n roll just by looking at their members resume.  You could even say All Souls is a super group. But…. All Souls is much more then just that. Their music and style is something familiar and comforting while be new and exciting at the same time. That folks, is not an easy thing to do!


All Souls 9 track album starts strong from the very get with “The Ghost Is Flying Home.” The song starts with a strong punchy cadience that would make Jack White jealous. The guitars paint over beautifully with a dark and mysterious riff that lead into some nifty lead work in the same realm of early QOTSA. All Souls use tempo changes and a killer hook during the chorus to drive this puppy home. The guitar riffs after the songs breakdown deliver the knockout blow.


The track “Never Know” features another strong vocal performance and killer guitar work. Antonio has little hints of Jello Biafra in his voice that lay over All Souls musical canvas perfectly. He has the perfect voice and style to lay over what the band is doing. The mix and production on this album are great! You can really hear what each member and instrument are bringing to the table. Meg and Tony hold down a solid rhythm section that also keeps your interest with subtle but powerful tweaks. Both are amazing musicians that deliver the goods with such taste.


“Rename The Room” may just be my favorite track on the album. I love how it builds itself up with plenty of tension and beautiful Melodys that all play off each other. The raunchy guitar solo over the bad ass bass line gets me. The first half has a bit of ZZ Top thing going but leads into a massive Pink Floyd kinda thing. Like I said All Souls have hints of something familiar in their sound but deliver it a very unique and intriguing way. This song seems to grow and grow and gets better with each listen.


“Sadist Servant” is an instant epic war march! That song makes me wanna battle robots or do something crazy like real life exercise. Tony T crushes it on the drums with a little help from some dude named Danny Carey (Tool) on percussion.  Antonio and Erik’s combined guitar work seems to make for a perfect chemistry.  Haunting guitar solos glide right over the battle rhythms creating the perfect soundtrack for dropping into barrel of a big wave feeling the oceans strength and the surreal feeling of harnessing something so powerful.


I could honestly go on and on about this album. All Souls crushed on this one and I guarantee this will be in rotation for me for a long long time. There is just so much interesting musicianship on this record. What I love about All Souls is on the surface it sounds so clean and simple. The formula is a killer riff, strong rhythm section and the vocals deliver the unmistakable hook. But if you really listen you can pick up all the little nuances All Souls craft into their. That my friends is not an accident. Its very calculated, its very thought out, and it takes skill to pull off.  Antonio, Erik, Meg and Tony have something special together and they know how to write a complex song that is still easily digested. You can hear and feel punk, desert, grunge and even epic Iron Maiden vibes all mixed  into a exquisite creature.


ALL SOULS debut and self titled record will be available worldwide 2-9-18 trough Sunyata Records. For those of you who are vinyl collectors you best act fast. The super cool folks at RUNIED VIBES RECORDS are doing something very Special. There will be 2 versions of All Souls debut album. One will be only available on tour through the band. The other is original screen printed piece of art by Kat Von D. Both will be limited to 100. Both will feature different artwork than the CD. I suggest you get over to Ruined Vibes now because these puppies will sell out. In the meantime check All Souls on….

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Wedge & The Killing Tounge


If you like good old fashioned  rock n roll then you must check out Wedge. They use a mix of 60’s and 70’s rock with a little bit of psychedelic sprinkles on top.  The 3 piece Berlin based band will be dropping their Sophomore album “Killing Tongue” February 9th. Featuring 9 blistering tracks ‘Killing Tongue” is no joke. The band literally sounds like they should have been part of the original Woodstock line up.  This is the perfect album to crank while the beers are flowing, the grill is fired up and good times are in the making. I love how they use the Hammond Organ to texture their tunes. The track “high Head Woman” is a beautiful display of just that. Wedge has some serious talent and skill. The track “Lucid” allows all 3 members to shine on their respected instruments. My Favorite track on the album has to be “Tired Eyes.” From the tripy intro to the the outro, the song takes you to different time and place.


I will admit, “Killing Tongue” took a hot minute to register for me. On my first listen I didn’t really get it. Once I let it settle in and took the time to dig in and really listen I really couldn’t help but appreciate what the boys in Wedge are doing. The guitar work on the album is defiantly top notch and the songs just make me feel good. I love how Wedge structures the songs on Killing Tongue. They incorporate many different instruments and styles but still have the fuzz I crave.  So If your at all a fan of that 60’s sound you music check these dudes out!





Chris Hale (Brave Black Sea & Slo Burn)

Chris Hale is the guitarist for both Brave Black Sea and Slo Burn and he is currently a very busy man when it come to music. Brave Black Sea is currently workin on the follow up to their debut record “Fragments” and hourly  it will be dropping sometime in 2018. Chris  is also  in the final stages of writing for the forthcoming and highly anticipated Slo Burn album. We all thank you in advance Chris for the riffle! Mr. Hale was kind enough to take the time to be a part of our random question segment!!

WH: What is your go to guilty pleasure band/artist?

HALE: I don’t really have any guilty pleasure bands because I don’t feel guilty listening to anything. Music is made to be enjoyed. I’ll sing along to some Taylor Swift with my daughter with zero fucks to give!

WH: If you could make an album with one band/artist dead or alive who is it and why?

HALE: Elvis Presley. His records are what made me fall in love with music as a kid.

WH: Favorite genre of music besides your own?

HALE: Besides heavy music and rock & roll I listen to a lot of hip hop and really old blues and soul records.


WH: Favorite tour food/snack?

HALE: Depends where I’m at. In Germany, I like me some good gas station bratwurst and bread though!

WH: Besides music name one hobby you enjoy?

HALE: Building things with my hands. Working with wood and metal.

WH: What was the last gift you gave someone?

HALE: I just gave my wife a divorce.


WH: If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be?

HALE: “Ya” from Kyuss, Blues for the Red Sun.

WH: What song best describes you?

HALE: Simple Man, Lynyrd Skynyrd.

WH: What nickname would you give yourself?

HALE: Oh man, I don’t know. I’ve never had a nickname.


WH: If you could steal one song from anyone which one would it be and why?

HALE: Whatever song made the most amount of money.

WH: What inspirational quote have you used for motivation?

HALE: What you see is what you get.

WH: Give your bandmates nicknames?

HALE: I got too many band mates haha.

WH: What is one band you would suggest people check out?

HALE: Neurosis