Monolord “No Comfort”

The doom sludge trio from Sweden dropped a new album on us titled “No Comfort” and it’s a heavy chugging ass kicker. The 6 song release is the fourth from Monolord and the must anticipated follow up to 2017’s album “Rust.”  Longtime fans of the band will not be disappointed. The band does what they do so well on “No Comfort”by just pounding you into submission with heavy thick grooves. I always dig the guitar Tones that Thomas V Jäger creates. The crunch is ugly, dirty and in your face. Speaking of Jäger, he shines on this album. He managed to stay heavy while playing some beautiful  melodies. The track “Larvae” is a prime example of this. The break down of the song lets Jäger paint over the top of a hot bucket of sludge.  Bass player Mika Häkki and drummer Esben Willems hold it down while keeping that special feel that makes the song so special.


The track “Skywards” lets Häkki get loose on bass and the grooves he delivers is killer. I really dig the pulse of the song and how the band uses dynamics to build tension. The title track “No Comfort” again lets Jäger show is skills. I love the raunchy tones on this one and the way the band builds it up. It’s a very strong way to finish the album.


Overall “No Comfort” is a another good album from Monolord. You will specially loves this album if you dig doom and sludge stuff. I would say that even if you are not a doom or sludge fan you will apreciate Monolord. They have skill and come up with some really rad riffs.  I hope to see them live someday soon!







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