Amy Tung Barrysmith (Year Of The Cobra)

Amy Tung Barrysmith is nothing short of a rock n roll bad ass! She is the vocalist and bass player of the mighty and heavy Seattle based Year Of The Cobra. Along with drummer Jon Barrysmith YOTC has been tearing up the underground and making waves in the big leagues of rock. YOTC is getting set for another west coast tour in support of their latest effort “Burn You Dead” (produced by Billy Anderson). Amy was kind enough to take the time for Wormhounds Random Q’s.


WH: What is your go to guilty pleasure band/artist?

AMY: The Cure – any album

WH: If you could make an album with one band/artist dead or alive who is it and why?

Amy:  Joan Jett.  I love her.

WH: Favorite genre of music besides your own?

Amy: Punk rock


WH: Favorite tour food/snack?

Amy:  Beef Jerky

WH: Besides music name one hobby you enjoy?

Amy: Snowboarding

WH: What was the last gift you gave someone?

Amy:  A blowtorch

WH: If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be?

Amy: GERMS – Media Blitz


WH: What song best describes you?Amy:

Reagan Youth – Got No Class

WH: What nickname would you give yourself?

Amy:  Amy “where’d my keys go” Barrysmith

WH: If you could steal one song from anyone which one would it be and why?

Amy:  Dayglo Abortions:  Argh Fuck Kill – because it’s brilliant.


WH: Describe yourself as a slogan?

Amy: The most unorganized organized person

WH: Give your bandmates nicknames? 

Amy: Jon – stinky pants


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