COC is Back!!


For the first time since 2000 the classic four-peace line up has brought us new tunes and it was well worth the wait! It feels so good to hear these dudes rocking together again!! I’m going on record right now by saying “Deliverance” is one of the most important records in rock and the stoner scene in paticular. “Wiseblood” is no joke either. Those records spent a lot of time in a rotation for me and now “No Cross No Crown” will as well. 


So, With Pepper Keenan back in the fold at guitar and vocals the boys of COC did not disappoint with their latest release “No Cross No Crown.” The album is full of that classic swampy heavy ass sludge riffage that COC does better then anyone. Pepper And Woodroe Weatherman have always had great chemistry together on guitar while bringing that unmistakable twin guitar sound. As soon as you hear it you know it’s COC. The Track E.L.M is a prime example of this! 


What I really love about “No Cross, No Crown” is that it has what I’ve always loved about COC but it also pushes the band. It gives the empress on that the band really gelled again and did not just do another record for the hell of it. The band sounds really great and full of life. Keenan’a vocals are on fire, Reed Mullin’s drumming is killing it and Mike Dean is groovy as all hell.  We have already discussed the ripping guitar work but, I can’t stress enough how bad ass Pepper and Woody are together. The track “The Luddite” is one of my favorites on the album. It’s driven by a swampy doomish riff but with attack. Its in your face and unforgiving. Its like a old school punk rock doom thing that pushes you around.


“Cast The First Stone” is another strong track that features that killer guitar work again.  I also particular like the lyrics in this one. Keenan still sounds like Keenan but he does push his vocal to some new areas on this record. The track “Wolf Named Crow” has that southern vibe COC does so well while “little Man” brings that bad ass COC riff driven rock that grooves. “Old Disaster” is a jam and should only be played at 11. I love the chunky riff while Keenan fills the void with his unique voice and phrasing. Again, this track highlights the guitar work.


“A Quest To Believe” actually reminds me of the “Blind” era COC. Its a heavy riff that stomps hard laying the perfect foundation for Keenan’s gritty and attitude laced vocals. I love the groove on this one! “Nothing Left To Say” slows things down a bit and builds slowly to a heavy swampy vibe in the same elk as “Redemption City” of “WiseBlood.”

I highly suggest you give this record a listen. In fact, give it multiple listens. Let the songs settle in. “No Cross No Crown” is a great record and one can only hope COC is here to stay and give us more goods. I really look forward to seeing this lineup again live!! I also want you all to know that COC’s music seems to make beer taste better! 


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