Year Of The Cobra is legit!

The dynamic duo that is known as Year Of The Cobra continue to amaze me. The Seattle based tag team upped their game with their latest effort “Burn Your Dead” by keeping the heavy while adding depth to their sound.


With Mr. Billy Anderson once again at the controls YOTC’s “Burn Your Dead” is sonically out of this world. Billy captures Amy Tung Barrysmith’s massive bass tone to perfection while Drummer Jon Barrysmith’s snare cracks with unforgiving power.  YOTC and Billy Anderson are a match made in heaven. Some bands who work again  and again with the same producer can get stuck doing the same old thing on repeat. Considering that YOTC is a only bass, drums and vocals they could easily just make a straight forward kick ass doom record. But YOTC and Billy are way to talented for that! It amazes me how big and complex this band can sound without the help of a guitar.


YOTC  accomplished a ton on their last record “…In The Shadows Below” which is brilliant. But to me, “Burn Your Dead” is even better. It has the heavy that I loved on the last record but, with a more complex sound, and much more depth to the songs. Amy and Jon really pushed themselves and their song writing. Amy’s vocal performance on this record is phenomenal.  Not only the tone of her voice but the melodies in which she uses.  “The Decent” is track that really captures what Amy does vocally that I love. The song is heavy but Amy paints over the top of it beautifully and with an interesting cadence that pulls you in. “The Decent” also has a killer breakdown that features some nice piano work before it kicks back into a steady march.


“Burn Your Dead” also has some some good tempo changes going on to keep you out of the sludge mud the whole time. I dig this! I always love doom but some variety in tempos keeps things intresting. The title track reminds me of some old school punk with a killer trash style vocal army approach to the chorus. It also has a killer bass riff and break down. Its a bit of an anthem if you will.

“The Howl” Features another strong vocal performance from Amy while Jon pushes the song forward with a very strong beat and some nifty rolls on the drums. I love how Jon creates space with his snare worand on the bridge. Year Of The Cobra always sound huge and Jon’s drumming is a major part of why. He has great taste and knows when to pull a song back into a groove or push it forward.


The more I listen to this record the more I like it. Year Of The Cobra are only going up and are by far one of the most exciting bands out right now. I think “Burn Your Dead” will stand the test of time and be realvant for a long long time. Do yourself a favor and get to know this and add this record to your collection. GO THE BANDS BANDCAMP AND BUY IT HERE! 









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