Queens Of The Pop Age

I’ve purposely waited a long long time after the release of Queens Of The Stone Ages new album Villains to commit to my review. Why you ask… well.. I wanted to really give it a chance. I mean it’s QOTSA who is a band I’ve loved and followed since the beginning. When I say begginnning I mean it. I was at some of the very first shows and was the first in my circle to not wanna torch Homme and company for moving on from the mighty Kyuss. So… yeah, I really wanted to like this record. I wanted it to grow on me. I wanted to find the genious. Problem is I just can’t!!

Sure, Villains does have some cool moments and is sprinkled with some cool guitar work but for my taste it’s just not enough. The album to me comes off thin and produced to the point of becoming a little bit bubble gum poppy and over the top. Homme and whatever current lineup he had assembled in QOTSA always seem to approach things with a no fucks given attitude to writing records. Meaning we are gonna flip this shit upside down and shove down your throats. 

 Villains does not seem to have that same magic. Now I’ve seen the arguments going down on online that Homme and crew have just expanded their sound and grown as a band stretching their sound. I jus can’t get behind this though. If Homme was really looking to grow and expand his sound he probably wouldn’t had hired Mark Ronson who is one of the more successful pop and mainstream producers to produce Villains. 

My take on Villains is that it is all about Homme, is ego and his drive to become an icon. Why else would he put out a pop rock album? Maybe I’m just a bitter longtime fan that misses the unique way in which QOTSA brought the heavy. But for now.. I still can’t find the genious in Villains and I can only hope one day QOTSA will find their balls again! 


2 thoughts on “Queens Of The Pop Age

  1. I have been a fan since the beginning and felt the SAME way as you……until I saw this video (link below) that really made me pay attention to the riffs and songwriting that I overlooked due to the production which I agree sucks. I since revisited the album and find I appreciate it much more through headphones. I think the album would have benefited from some other guest vocalists, I always enjoyed the Nick Oliveri and Mark Lanegan contributions and while I love Homme’s voice a break is nice hear and there. All in all the album is growing on me and I am finding special things that are reeling me, give it another chance. I miss the heavy and do think the album leans a little too crooner for me but there are some wild melodies, bass lines and riffs you just have to mine a little harder than normal.


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