Doors To No Where’s The Haunting

Its no secret that I’m a huge fan of Doors To No Where. If you have followed my blogs over the years you have read how killer their live performances are and how their last album “Lucky You” was one of the best underground albums in the last five years. The Santa Cruz trio lead by lead guitarist and vocalist Marc Lewis have continued to make a name for themselves in the stoner rock world playing shows with acts like Big Business, Mondo Generator and Saviours. Along with Sean Sanford on bass and Pete Testorf on drums Doors To No Where have gained fans and respect everywhere they go. To me, what makes D2N so special is their unique sound and ability to stand out from the norm. In the stoner rock genre is far too easy to just drop tune and regurgitate Kyuss riffs. We also have a million bands now a days thinking they are either Clutch or Sleep. D2N while being influenced by these bands still find a way to sound just like…….themselves. I have a huge amount of respect for that. If it aint broke, don’t fix it. D2N’s style and sound is killer and puts them in a class all their own. Doors To No Where took another huge step forward with their latest effort. 

On October 28th Doors To No Where released a brand new nine track album titled “The Haunting independently” Following an album like their last “Lucky You” is not an easy task. “Lucky You” was very well received and stayed relivant for a long long time.  Well, the boys came through in a huge way!! Recorded in Santa Cruz California with engineer Aaron Cooper “The Haunting” is nothing short of amazing. The album is full of bad ass riffs that are throwbacks to the good ole days of skate punk. There is also plenty elements of stoner/desert rock with essence of the grunge era mixed in. The tones are insane and huge! D2N captured their live sound to perfection and putting on tape a vibe of who they are!  

The album’s opening track “Devils Backbone” is an old school thrash punk vibe that  see’s Lewis deliver a fantastic guitar solo while Pete and Sean lay down a heavy groove. “Devils Backbone” also provides a musical landscape for Lewis to bring some killer vocals full of grit and attitude. The album’s third track “Burn” starts with an epic war cadence by Testorff on drums that slam right into a dirty riff. I love the lyrics on this track and the melody that Lewis delivers them in. “Burn” is an epic song that is sure to wake your bones  and prepare you to slay!! The band hits on all cylinders on the outro crushing all in its path.

The album’s fourth track “Forgive Me” is a high point for me and shows the band’s ability to craft badass heavy songs. Carried by a heavy sludgy riff “Forgive Me”  sees Lewis’s voice in the same arena as Staley or Weliand. The songs breakdown has Sean dropping a killer groove on bass while the guitar howls on top. I love the dynamics of this song. The drums are huge and fat while the guitars hit hard with no forgivness. “The Policy” is a stoner rock gem with a killer spacey guitar solo and show Sean and Pete gel to give the song a high octane shuffle with balls. The Album’s title track “The Haunting” has a old school punk vibe that hits hard and with no remorse. “Wires’ is another standout track for me. The heavy sludgy riff and Lewis’s vocals in the intro set the table for a creepy little groove with dark elements. The guitar has some very intricate details adding depth and complexity. As a whole, this album rocks. Its full of killer guitar riffs and heavy grooves. I think Lewis has hit a new gear with a vocals and Doors To No Where is looking at a very bright future.

In my opinion “The Haunting” is a must have record and easily one of my favorite releases of 2016. The recording sounds huge and all nine songs offer their own unique pulse. If you are fan of Sabbath, Kyuss, Alice In Chains or old school punk you will love this album. You can get your copy directly from the band at or at



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