Oliveri, the man, the myth, the legend.

Nick Oliveri is nothing short of rock n roll royalty. The famous goateed madman has led a balls to the walls career with plenty of tales both good and evil. In fact, Oliveri is a man of myth and legend. He is truly one of the last dangerous members of Rock N Roll. At the end of the day though, one cannot deny the amazing talents he possesses. Look at the Man’s career. As founding member of Kyuss Oliveri put his finger print all over one of the most influential bands of all time. That right there alone gives him high status in the kingdom of Rock N Roll. From there he joined a little old Punk Band called the Dwarves as the moniker Rex Everything. Like Kyuss, The Dwarves are credited with being a cornerstone of their genre. Then, we move on to what Nick may be known best for and that is is work with Queens Of The Stone Age. From 1998 to 2004 Oliveri played a major role in QOTSA. He was part of the face of the band and both his bass and vocal talents were highly utilized. Oliveri’s work was all over QOTSA biggest selling album “Songs For The Deaf.” It is my humble opinion that QOTSA haven’t been half the band since Oliveri left. So far I’ve mentioned three of Oliveri’s bands or artists he has been associated with. I must also mention the others he has worked with; Moistboys, Masters Of Reality, Turbonegro, Mark Lanegen Band, Uncontrollable, Bl’AST, Kyuss Lives/Vista Chino, Svetlanas and Bloodclot. Not to mention his own death acoustic. So……. my point is he his a musician in high demand because he represents everything rock n roll should be. His skill on bass is undoubtedly ranks up there really got along others like Flea, Burton and Lenny. He also is the real deal. There is absolutely nothing fake or contrived about him.

Let’s get to the point of this article though! We are hear to talk about one of Nicks other projects Mondo Generator. born in 1997 Mondo has been the brainchild of Oliveri that had seen plenty of legendary artist come through to help. That list includes but is not limited to; Dave Ghrol, Brant Bjork, Dave Catching and Marc Diomand. With several albums and EP’s under their belt Nick Oliveri’s Mondo Generator have carved a nice little niche in Rock N Rolls history books. Mondo Generator has been a consistent force over the years that never disappoints. Oliveri’s uncompromising and relentless style have built a mighty library of tunes and have toured the world.

Nick and both his current and former Mondo band mates celebrated the realease of a greatest hits album through Heavy Psyche Records recently . The 21 song compilation is available on both vynal and CD and can be purchased at nickOliveri.net The 21 track disc contains zero filler crap, only pure Mondo goodness.

I highly recommend you pick this bad boy up. Not only does the Mondo greatest hits contain the well know songs like 13th Floor, Fuck Yeah I’m Free and 4 Corners, it also contains less known tracks like Dead Silence and So High that are cult classics. When taking the 21 track journey you get plenty of Oliveri’s famous scream vocals as well as his amazing skills on bass. The album also has songs that show Nick can absolutely sing when he wants. He truly is a unique talent. One does not simply just get to have their music associated with a greatest hit album. You have to earn that with not only longevity but a library of good songs. Mondo has plenty of songs and Oliveri himself has earned a rock n roll degree in bad ass.

So if you fancy yourself a fan of punk rock, desert rock, stoner rock and hardcore you need this album. Unless of course, or a poser bitch. Mondo Generator is one of the most dangerous bands on the planet and continue to tear shit down under the guidance of their leader Nick Oliveri. Mondo plan to do a west coast tour in February to support the greatest hits album. In the meantime, you can catch the band in various appearances sprinkled throughout California or catch Nick’s death acoustic tour in Europe throughout the month of January. 


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