Idle Hands

I’ve long considered Fatso Jetsons front man Mario Lalli the godfather of the desert music scene. His unique playing style and his unselfish support of other bands as been instrumental for decades now. His work with experimental rock band  Yawning Man played a pivotal part in the early desert rock days. When Fatso Jetson in formed in 1994, Mario along with Larry Lalli and Tony Tornay, continued to heavily influence the deserts stoner rock movement. Seven studio albums later Fatso Jetson is still just as influential as ever.

The band’s eighth studio album Idle Hands came out in october of 2016 through Heavy Psych Sounds. Idle Hands is classic snap shot of Fatso Jetson sound and Mario’s style. The eleven track album is truly a journey full of interesting riffs, rhythms and meaningful lyrics. Fatso is a band with zero limitations. Idle Hands is complex like a fine wine with flavors of rock, jazz, punk and surf guitar all hitting your palette.

The album’s first track “Wire Wheels And Robots” starts things off with a classic Mario riff that builds on itself and creates a jazz rock type groove. The lead guitar on this track shows how influential the band’s sound is. It sounds like something you would have find on a QOTSA record. “Royal Family” is a spacey little jam that hits a high point for me. The vocal approach is reminiscent of classic Bowie while the main riff keeps you grounded. Some very nice lead guitar work on this track while the bass is full of interesting nuances. “Idle Hands’” is filled with amazing guitar work though. The instrumental “Seroquel” is beautiful and is perfect to just vibe out to. The album’s titled track “Idle Hands” allows the band to spread their musical wings before hitting hard with a straightforward riff that sticks to your brain like glue. Another high point on Idle Hands is the dirty country vibe on “48 Hours.” The swanky riff mixed with what sounds like Sean Wheeler (Throw Rag) on vocals blends perfectly.

I would suggest you sit down and listen to this album top to bottom and take it all in. Idle Hands has a lot going on that could go unnoticed easily. But that is what makes Fatso Jetson so special. Idle Hands is not an alum that has an expiration date. It will be has relevant as it is now in fifty years.               


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