Helmet is BACK!

One of the most underrated rock bands of all time is Helmet. Formed in 89 in New York by frontman Page Hamilton Helmet has truly stood the test of time. Most mainstream rock music listeners probably don’t even understand what influence Helmet have had on their favorite bands. Hard rock legends like Pantera, Tool and Nine Inch Nails of all credited Helmet with being influential on them. Part of the problem Page and Helmet have faced is being falsely labeled Nu Metal. Lets face it, Nu Metal sucks!! The chunky dropped tuning guitar style that Helmet utilizes was often stolen by Nu Metal acts. The truth is, Helmet sounds nothing like that shit. The truth is, Helmet are a style all to their own. 

On October 28th 2016 through earMUSIC Helmet released a new album titled “Dead To The World.” The 11 track album is the first to feature bassist Dave Case. Hamilton and the boys start the album off with a familiar sound. “Life Or Death” is a classic up tempo Helmet Jam with classic Hamilton Vocals and guitar work.”Life Or Death” leads right into the tracks second track “I Love My Guru” that sets the tone for the rest of Dead To The World. All the songs seem to play well of each other. I love the dirty guitar solo in the aforementioned “Guru.” The whole album contained one nice flow that offers a variety in dynamics. Like all Helmet records the tones are on point. 

One of the album’s strongest songs is the title track “Dead To The World.” The track starts with a killer bass line followed by a creepy guitar riff while Hamilton delivers vocal attitude that leads to a tense vengeful vibe. “Dead To The World” has what we all love about Helmet, that bad ass chunky riff fueled by a snare heavy drum beat. 

Die Alone” is another bad ass guitar driven song that see’s Hamilton deliver is more screaming type vocals that rip right through the speaker in a good way. I love the songs main riff. It’s a real raunchy sludge shuffle. “Except The World” see’s Hamilton switch from clean to dirty vocals creating a nice dynamic. 

If you are a longtime fan of the band or sludge rock I highly suggest you get this record! Helmet will be hitting the West Coast to support this album later this month and into December. I plan on being there when they hit SF on DEC. 4th.  


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