Megadeth ‘s Triumph Return To The Top

Megadeth has always been the brain child of leader Dave Mustaine and love him or hate him the man can deliver legendary and groundbreaking guitar riffs. On Megadeth’s 15th album Dystopia Mustaine and company do not disappoint. In fact, Megadeth may have just added one of their greatest pieces of work with this album. Dystopia sounds like a throwback album somewhere between Rust In Peace and Countdown To Extinction while not being a repeat. Mustaine and long time bass player David Ellefson welcome new drummer Chris Adler and guitarist Kiko Loureiro to the fold and I would say this is the best line up since The classic Rust In Peace line up.  The playing on this record is just ridiculous! Megadeth in my opinion have always had the best guitar work of any of the big 4 and Dystopia is proof. Not to say that the last 3 Megadeth albums weren’t good or anything, they just are not on the same level as Dystopia.


Track 6 “Post-American World”

Lead by a chugging rhythm Mustaine delivers his classic snarl and politically charged lyrics that are on point. The breakdown and guitar solo are intense and Alders drum work keep the cryptic train on the tracks.

Track 4 “Death From Within”

Again, the guitar riff is insane. The blistering lead work between vocals is a reminder of just I good Mustaine’s guitar work is. 

Tracks 1, 2 and 3

Dystopia starts off with 3 bad ass trash classics. From the get you know that Megadeth are stronger then that have been in years. The title track Dystopia’s guitar work almost sounds like a Nintendo game soundtrack. The brutality of the Threat Is Real is a swift kick to the face and creepy intro of Fatal Illusion will stick to your bones. 


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