Wormhounds top albums of 2015

 What a year it’s been for Rock N Roll. We had some good albums come out and the even a little of the impossible happen with the announcement that the classic GNR line up is coming back. But unfortunately 2o15 was also the year we lost 2 major forces in rock music. The first of which was the iconic and often crazed Scott Weiland and secondly the king of rock himself Lemmy! Weiland was incredible front man and the voice to so many 90’s and 2000’s rock anthems. And Lemmy, well, he was a god! Motörhead paved the way for so many and delivered uncompromissed rock N roll. Lemmy leaves a hole in rock n roll that can never be filled. 

So let’s take a look at Wornhounds top 10 albums of 2015!

1. You Know Who (debut)

     The boys from the desert delivered huge! Lead by Mike Pygmie (mondo generator ) YKW created a master piece and one hell of a debut. I love the mix of thrash, punk and mind blowing riffs.

2. Faith No More ( Sol Invictus ) 

 I’m not always a huge fan of Faith No More but their last album was pretty darn good. Mike Patton brings a great vocal performance 

3. All Them Witches ( Dying Surfer Meets His Maker)

I really dig these guys. If you haven’t, you gotta check them out. Dying Surfer isn’t the most heavy of albums but contains some killer guitar work and grooves.  

4. Clutch ( Psychic Warfare)

Of course Clutch is on my list. They put out another classic Clutch album!

5. Against The Grain (Road Watriors)

 Get this album right now! Another killer band from self destructo records that slays! 

6. Iron Maiden ( The Book Of Souls)

     Maiden is still the shit! Book Of Souls is a solid effort from the metal legends! 

7. Muse ( Drones )

If you ever get a chance to see Muse live do it! Phenomenal rock concert! The guitar work is very under rated. The latest effort offers up some gems!

8. Motörhead ( Bad Magic)

 It’s hard to imagine that this will be the last Motörhead record! I’m gonna miss this band. Lemmy and the boys deliverd a rocker on 2015 highlighted by a killer cover of the Rolling Stones Sympathy For The Devil. Lemmy left one last classic rock n roll album! 

9. Elder ( Lore )

Heavy ass riff madness will punch your face with the latest effort from Elder! Some real bad ass shit going on! 

10. Bl’ast ( For Those Who’ve Graced The Fire )

I had to put Bl’ast! On my list! They put out some new music for the first time in a very long time. The guitar work in Bl’ast! Is always mind melting. Also , one must point out that Chuck D from Black Flag is on bass along with a drummer named Dave Ghrol. 

It’s so hard doing these! It was really hard to leave of Sun & Sail Clubs The great White Dope. It was also hard not to mention a debut demo I got passed along to me by Year Of The Cobra.
What’s Up In 2016! 

I’m looking forward to some new albums this year. I’m stoked to see what megadeth bring along with hopefully more new Bl’ast! The recently released Megadeth track has some vintage  Dave Mustaine riffs on it! I also can’t wait to hear CoC with pepper back on vocals. We also have new Mondo Genertor and John Garcia to look forward to.  I’m also really pumped to hear what Doors To No Where has coming. It was DTNW that put on the best live show I saw in 2015. Absolutely love their last record. Lastly , I’m sure Fu Manchu will deliver another solid album and I’m curious to hear what Soundgarden does. Happy New Years! 


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