Rock N Roll Aint Dead

HERE!I know I’m gonna get better at this concert review thing. I know I lag!! But after last weekend you would be to! Seriously, I enjoyed 3 badass shows!  How many people can say they saw Goatsnake, Blackbreath, Battalion Of Saints, Obliterations, You Know Who, Doors To No Where, Flexx Bronco and AC/DC in a matter of three days. Well, I did! I barely survived!

The rock N roll extravaganza started at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz where I was really pumped to check out Obliterations with legendary drummer Joey Castillo.  Of course Goatsnake killed it and Battalion Of Saints delivered a solid set. I was not familiar with Black Breath and was not overly impressed with their set. The highlight of the night was the Obliteration’s and the beast mode of Joey Castillo. The burly drummer was on fire and absolutely killing it. How Josh Homme could let him leave Queens Of The Stone Age is beyond me. In fact, QOTSA has totally sucked without Oliveri, Lanegan and Castillo. Hey JOSH! Get your balls back!!! Anyways, The Obliteration’s with Castillo on drums brought the power, energy and the danger that rock N roll should!


Picture 9



Next off I headed to SF to see the mighty AC/DC. Sadly, this could be the last time seeing them. Let me start by saying my life has moments that our defined by AC/DC. Their music and concerts over the years have accompanied some of the greatest moments of my life! Even though Malcolm Young was absent the boys in AC/DC did it again. If this really is the end of AC/Dc they truly are going out on top. Thunderstruck and Dirty deads sounds absolutely perfect.  T.N.T and Highway to Hell also provided high points of the set. The sixty year old Angus Young stalked the stage with more energy than most guitarist in their twenties. The classic school boy outfit and Angus dance showed ready to once again why  Angus is one of the best Rock N Roll guitar players on the planet!

Picture 10

Lastly my weekend ended in SF at Benders! What a killer place! I was super stoked for this show. The palm desert act “You Know Who” along with Doors To No Where from Santa Cruz are two very exciting bands! I have already stated that “You Know Who” album is my early pick for album of the year. If you haven’t picked it up yet you definitely should! Get it HERE! YKW brought down the house in SF. Lead by Mike Pygmie on guitar and vocals the palm desert boys brought some serious skill to their high energy thrash punk. Doors To No Where also delivered another solid set. DTNW mostly played new songs that they plan on recording soon. That is an album I’m really looking forward to. Both YKW and DTNW have bad ass drummers! Greg Seanz for YKW and Pete Testorff are the real deal. Again, I was really impressed with the voacls of Marc Lewis from DTNW. I would love to see him a sing a song with Pygmie on guitar. Speaking of Pygmie, that dude shreds on the guitar! SF locals Flexx Bronco closed the show. I felt a little bad for them having to follow two killer sets but they impressed me. The fall in the same vein as Turbonegro and delivered classic punk rock riffs. I for sure look forward to seeing them again! D2N-PROMO

Band Links


Goatsnake =


Obliterations =


You Know Who =


Doors To No Where =


Flexx Bronco =





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