Motor City Rockers “Against The Grain”

Album artFirst of all I’m convinced that the people at self Destructo Records are actually some sort of Superior alien intelligent life form sent to earth to hoard a bunch of bad ass bands. First they send me the debut album of “You Know Who” and now they send me “Against The Grains” new album “Road Warrior.” I must thank them! On September 15th “Against The Grain” through the previous mentioned “self Destructo Records” released their latest album and its a gem. The four piece band delivers twelve blistering tracks of punk rock bliss. Guitarist’s Kyle Davis and Nick Bellomo are on point through out the album. The two guitar slinger’s create the perfect dynamic of soul, punk and balls to the wall riffs! Davis And Bellomo are the perfect fit as a guitar dual and bring Maiden style harmony leads that cut like butter. Drummer Rob Nowak drives the bands riff with precession drumming that fits the songs perfectly. If your not careful, you will miss the fact that Rob Nowak kills it and has some amazing chops. Vocalist and bass player Chris Nowak in your face vocal style reminds me a little of the legendary “Wino” from “Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, The Obsessed and many other killer bands. The motor city rockers hit a high point for me with the Track “Sirens.” Right from the get go the riff sinks its teeth in. A southern style fried guitar gut puncher leads right into a tempo breakdown where Chris Nowak has is shining vocal moment of the album. The chorus shows the band cutting the tempo down a little more while Rob brings a tough ass beat on the drums leading the anthem style vocal line. “Sirens” really shows how “Against The Grain” are masters of tempo change and absolute rippers on their instruments. All my favorite elements of the band can be found right on this song. Killer bass and drums, shredding Maiden like guitar and a chorus that guarantees to get you jacked up. Over all the band brings hints of early thrash, Motorhead and real punk rock, not that poppy punk shit. “Road Warriors” is a beast of an album!Picture 5

Aganist The Grain just wrapped a tour with “Atomic Bitchwax.” Not sure when they will hit the road again, but I’ll be there when they do.

Buy Road Warriors using the link below.






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