The Swords Tripped Out New Record High Country

Picture 6I have to say that “High Country” the latest release from “THE Sword” has yet to really make a statement with me. It’s a far far departure on the bands previous efforts. The 70’s style tripped out grooves are nothing like the usual face melting riffs that “The Sword” is capable of bringing. Instead they made an album more in line with “The Black Keys” or “The Arcs.” While I appreciate that the band went for something different instead of regurgitating the same album over and over again, I’m not sure this album will go into regular rotation for me. Vocalist John Cronise lacks the vocal range to accompany the new direction of song writing on “High Country.”  The band still delivers some good riffs on the disc. You never know, this album may take some time to grow on me.







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