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Do yourself a favor and pick up the new 2 song EP from the legendary BL’AST! now! The disc titled for  “For Those Who’ve Graced The Fire” is a must have for fans off hardcore punk rock. The EP features a Mr. Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) on drums and punk icon Chuck Dukowski  (Black Flag) on bass. The regular rhythm section of Joey Castillo (Queens Of The Stone Age, Danzig) and Nick Oliveri (Kyuss, Mondo Generator, Queens Of The Stone Age) missed the recording session due to other tour obligations.


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The EP starts off in classic Bl’ast! form of a fist to your face. The guitar playing of Mike Neider is nothing short of amazing. Neider seems to carry the secret of the Bl’ast! tone  in his finger tips. The ultimate highlight of the EP is his unique and aggressive guitar playing. Having grown up in the Bay Area Bl’ast! has always been a sort of soundtrack to my life. What can I say “It’s In My Blood.”  The new EP also proves that singer Cliff Dinsmore still has the voice. Cliff is a master of of expressing pure aggression and power has he fronts the legendary punk band. His voice and lyrics sound great on the new EP.

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The only negative from the new Bl’ast! is that it’s not enough. I promise you that you are gonna want more. I for one cant wait for more new tunes from this band.  For long time Bl’ast! fans I’m sure your asking yourself where is original drummer Bill Torgerson is? Bill is a monster of a drummer and played a major factor in the sound and power of Bl’ast!  Only the band will know why Bill is absent, but we know this. The band has not just replaced him with any cheap or unknown fill in. Freaking Dave Grohl is on the EP and Joey C is a full time member.  As a lifelong fan of the band I’m more then OK with having those legendary drummers on board.  As long as Mike Neider is coming up with face melting riff after riff this band will continue on in a major way.


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